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"Walk Along" is a song performed by Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis . The song was written by singer-songwriter and Oosterhuis's close friend Anouk and Swedish songwriter Tobias Karlsson . [1] It represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 . [2]

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Seven countries participated in the first ever contest, each were represented with two songs. [1] Two more countries, Austria , and Denmark were also expected to take part in the contest, but they missed the submission deadline and therefore could not take part. [1] Although it was thought that the United Kingdom had also missed the participation deadline, it was later revealed by the EBU in January 2017 that it was a mythical fact created by fans of the contest. [4] The EBU further went on to explain that the "Festival of British Popular Song" , a contest created by the BBC for the United Kingdom, was the inspiration that brought in changes to the contest format from 1957 . [4]

Jetty Paerl - Jetty PaerlJetty Paerl - Jetty PaerlJetty Paerl - Jetty PaerlJetty Paerl - Jetty Paerl