Tom thumb superman - push it

“It is not a question of IF I should have — it is a question of how can we possibly be victorious against such a beast without bringing our own doom raining down upon us.”

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That shot alone really sells you on the idea that this isn't some cartoony fantasy conflict -- it's a gritty, scary war. Another striking visual was Jyn facing off against a TIE Fighter on her lonesome, armed with nothing but a blaster and lots of slogans about hope.

I keep thinking everyone is looking at the wrong end of the mountains. Sounds like Yellowstone to me. Start with “warm waters halt” and see how everything else falls into place.

After a successful second edition, and more than 32 000 visitors, Comic Con Paris returned in 2017 from the 27th to the 29th of October at La Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

Push Puppet collecting can be a way of collecting a large amount of items in a small amount of space as I have several hundred in a china cabinet without any problems of overcrowding.* UPDATE .... My personal collection is now over 2000 !   Although this guide is primarily about Kohner Push Puppets, it must be said that other manufacturers such as Gabriel, Imperial, Marx, Wakouwa, Wara, and Modern Toy produced push puppets.  There is a non-kohner 3pc Scooby Doo set as well as several "Peanuts" characters available.  A cool advertising set of 5 from 1969 are sea creatures for a seafood company called "SeaHost" and are very detailed cool puppets featuring "Clem the Clam", "Mr. Big the Shrimp". "Turtle the Turtle",  and others.  I suggest storage and display in rows with elevations in the rear row to properly display your collection.  It seems that whenever I show off my collection, there is always a familiar loved character in someone's childhood that brings back a fond memory or story.  Good Luck on your hunt for your childhood memories.

Tom Thumb Superman - Push ItTom Thumb Superman - Push It